In the “Pay” tab (left-hand menu), you can find all of your reviewed invoices (manually imported in Libeo) or automatically pulled from Xero, whether they are paid or not.

Filter invoices

You can visualise your invoices based on their status thanks to the different views at the top of your invoices’ list: To pay, Late, Waiting, Planned, All.

You can even create your own view based on the filters of your choice, in case you want to visualise certain invoices in a recurrent manner. Every time you click on “My View”, it will be suggested to you for an easy access:

  • Click on “Create a view”

  • Choose your filters

  • Click on “Save as view” at the bottom

If you want to delete it, click on the bin logo on the right of “My view”.

More importantly, you can narrow down your search by filtering your invoices based on dates, type and/or methods of payment.

To open this page, click on the “Filter” button

One your search is over, you can delete the filter by clicking on the bin logo.

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