List all of your suppliers, centralize their information and establish operating rules for entering and paying their invoices.

To access your suppliers, click on “Contacts” in the left-hand menu.

Create and manage suppliers

Create suppliers:

You can create your suppliers as you go during the control of your invoices or one by one from the “Contacts” section.

For more information on creating suppliers during invoice control:

To create them one by one from “Contacts”:

  • Click on “Add a supplier” in the top right;

  • Search for the supplier by name or by CRN;

  • Click on “Save”.

Manage the supplier information:

To add or edit the supplier information, click on their record to associate an auxiliary account, a sort code, documents, contacts and addresses.

To delete the information for a supplier, pass your cursor over their record and click on the bin icon.

Warning, if a sort code is added by a member without sort code validation rights, it must be validated by someone with this right:

  • Click on “Contacts” from the left-hand menu;

  • Click on “Bank details to validate” in the top left;

  • Click on one of the requests, then on “Validate bank details”.

Set up operating rules

To save time, you can automate processes for each of your suppliers.

  • From the contact details, you can define a customized due date as well as a payment method such as direct debit. During invoice control, the pre-defined due date will then be entered and a payment outside of Libeo will be entered automatically;

  • During the control, the tags and purchase accounts entered are stored to avoid having to enter them again on the next invoice control;

  • In “Automation” in the left-hand menu, you can find a summary of the rules created. These rules can be edited or deleted, and new rules added. In addition to those already mentioned above, you can establish approval rules. For example: if the supplier is Blé Doré, the approver is [email protected] For more information:

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