The feature “Pay in bulk” will allow you to pay more than one invoice in one click, whatever the date, or the supplier. This means that you can select invoices to be paid at different dates, and/or from different suppliers.

Once the suppliers’ bank details are entered in the contact details, you will be able to pay in bulk by ticking this box 👇🏼

  • Click on the “Pay” tab

  • Select the invoices you want to pay

  • Choose one of the four options: “Pay all now”; “Pay all on due date”; “Pay all at custom date”; “Pay all now with your bank”

  • Once confirmed, the invoices will have the ”Planned” status

If you choose the “Pay all now with your bank” option, you will have to:

  • Choose your bank

  • Enter your bank details

  • Confirm the payment on your banking interface

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