In order to save time, you have the option to set up automation rules.

You can establish rules based on the amount. For example: if the amount is €10,000 or more, the approver is [email protected]. Note that several approvers can be entered.

You can establish rules for each supplier. For example: if the supplier is Blé Doré, the payment method is direct debit.

You can establish rules for each category. For example: if the category is Marketing, the approver is [email protected].

To create and view rules:

  • Click on “Automation” from the left-hand menu. You will find a summary of the rules created;

  • These rules can be edited or deleted using the buttons displayed below each rule, and new rules can be added by clicking on “Add a new rule” in the top right;

  • Clicking on “Add new condition” allows you to create rules with several conditions.

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