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How to validate bank details - Confirmation of Payee
How to validate bank details - Confirmation of Payee

Bank details validation - Confirmation of Payee

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Sort Codes validation has been implemented to ensure payment security.

Whenever you or a member of your team adds a Sort Code to a supplier, from the contact page, when making a payment (payment preparation, or invoice payment), or when importing payrolls, the Sort Code will go through a verification process called "Confirmation of Payee", it will check:

  • that the Sort Code and Account Number are correct

  • that they belong to the supplier or employee you are paying

If the team member who added the Sort Code does not have the right to validate it, then a team member with the right to validate the Sort Codes must do so. This allows the Sort Code validator to verify that the Sort Code added to the supplier is compliant and belongs to the relevant supplier.

For each Sort Code added by a team member who doesn't have the right to validate Sort Codes, you will receive an email indicating that one or more Sort Code need to be validated.

To validate a Sort Code (you need to have the right to do so):

  • Click on "Contacts" from the menu;

  • Click on "Bank details to validate" at the top;

  • Click on one of the requests and click on "Confirm".

To give a team member the right to validate Sort Codes:

As Payrolls can be imported via CSV or BACS file, all new employee Sort Codes will go through the verification process described above.

It means that even if you have the right to validate bank details, you will need to go to "Bank details to validate" tab in the contact page, and validate new payees.

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