With Libeo, you can export one or more invoices.

From “Pay” in the left-hand menu you can find all of your invoices, whether or not they are paid on Libeo.

Export a single invoice:

  • Click on “Pay” from the left-hand menu;

  • Click on the invoice you wish to export;

  • In the right-hand panel, click on the “See document” eye icon;

  • Click on the download icon at the top of the document;

  • The invoice is downloaded to your computer.

Export several invoices:

  • Click on “Pay” from the left-hand menu;

  • To find the required invoices, use the “Filter” button;

  • Click on “Export” on the right;

  • You will be notified by email when your export is ready. You will find the invoices in the right-hand menu, in the “Invoice export” section. The folder contains all the PDF invoices along with an Excel summary file.

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