In order to use this payment method, you will first have to create your wallet.

Once this is done, please transfer £1 from your bank account to your Libeo Wallet. You can find the sort code and account number of your Libeo Wallet under "Your company" > "Libeo transactions" > "Top up your wallet". This £1 Transfer is a security measure to ensure you have access to the debited bank account. These £1 will be transferred back to you afterward.

Once the transfer is done go to "Your company" > "Bank accounts". Your bank account now appears in the list. You can review information here and sign the direct debit mandate.

Once this is done, you will be able to pay in 1-click.

It’s a completely integrated and secured payment solution to pay your bills in Libeo. You will not have to connect to your bank or load your Libeo wallet anymore.

For each payment, Libeo will collect the money needed for this transaction directly on your bank account, - thanks to the direct debit mandate that you have signed - and pay your supplier.

Note that once the mandate is signed, all payments are done with 1-click method; you will not be able to manually top up your wallet anymore.


Signing a mandate in order to use 1-click payment, will require a 4-days delay until it is validated. During this time, you can continue using wallet payments as usual.

If you still have pending wallet payments after receiving the mandate validation:

  • If those payments are pending for funds, then they will automatically be switched to 1-click payments. This means that Libeo will collect money for those payments on your bank account to process the payment to your supplier. You do not need to make any action.

  • If you have a sufficient amount of available funds on your wallet, and if those payments are pending for date, then they will occur at scheduled date in the future. If there are no sufficient funds, Libeo will automatically switch them to 1-click payments and collect money from your bank account.

Some payments might be delayed if they were scheduled 2 days following the mandate validation, as 1-click payment takes 3 days to be processed. Everything will be detailed in the email we’ll send to you after your mandate is validated.

Direct debit

💡 Payment delays If you trigger a 1-click payment before 12pm, the direct debit will be processed in 2 business days. If it’s triggered after 12pm, it will take 3 business days. The transfer to the supplier will be instant (as for wallet payments), so the end-to-end payment will take 2 to 3 days.

More specifically, if you pay an invoice on Libeo using “Pay now”, at day 1 before 12pm, your supplier will receive the funds on day 3, and you will also be debited from your bank account on day 3 or on day 4 if you triggered the payment after 12pm.

When you schedule a payment on due date, Libeo will process the direct debit on time, and thus collect the amount to be paid exactly when it needs to be collected for your supplier to receive the money on the date you selected.


We recommend you to plan your payments at least 3 days in advance, considering that it takes up to 3 days for the money to be received by your supplier. This will allow you to anticipate and prevent payment delays.

An email is sent to the bank account holder’s email address you entered when signing the mandate 2 days before the direct debit is processed.


Libeo will only collect money once a day on your bank account. This means that if you have 2 payments scheduled for the same day, they will be collected from your bank account on the same day, and they will be grouped into one single direct debit.

The statement on your bank account for Libeo direct debits will be mandate id - date, which is currently not customisable.

Payment cancellation

You can only cancel a 1-click payment up to 3 days before the payment date.

This can be done directly through the app. You simply have to open the payment card on your invoice to access the payment’s details, and click on “Cancel”.

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