In order to initiate a payment from your wallet:

  • Go to the "Pay" tab

  • Select the invoice that you want to pay

  • In the right-hand panel, click on “Pay now”, if you have payment rights (1)/ “Prepare immediate payment”, if you do not have payment rights (2).

  • The supplier’s sort code will appear in your supplier’s contact information card, if a payment was already made to this supplier or if the information was added manually. If the supplier’s sort code does not appear, enter it manually.

  • Click on “Pay” (1)/ “Prepare payment” (2) to confirm the payment/ the payment request

  • Invoice will be marked as “Paid via Libeo” once the payment is validated or as “Planned” if you don’t have sufficient fund on your wallet. Libeo will then wait for the funds to trigger the payment.

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