If you do not have payment rights and your wallet is already activated and topped up, several options will be offered to you when preparing payments, in the right-hand panel:

  • Select one of these options:

    • “Prepare payment”

    • “Prepare payment on due date”

    • “Prepare payment at custom date”

    • “Prepare a partial payment”

    If you select "Prepare payment at custom date”:

    • Choose the date at which you want the payment to be done

    • Click on "Validate”

Once you've reached that stage:

  • If the supplier’s sort code appears in their contact details, then it will be visible when preparing payment.

  • If the supplier’s sort code does not appear, enter sort code and account number manually.

Therefore, you can proceed by clicking on “Prepare payment”.

Once validated, the invoice will have the status “Planned”.

To pay that invoice:

A user holding payment rights must:

  • Access his account. He will receive an email for validation requests every 10 minutes. This means that if 100 invoices were sent for validation, all at once, the approver will only receive one email.

  • Go to the “Pay” tab,

  • Click on the tab "Payments to validate”

  • Click on “Validate” to proceed with the payment execution or “Sent back for review” if needed.

As the approver, you will also receive an email with a link, that will redirect you to this page.

Once validated, the invoice will have the status “Planned” if it is a payment at due date/ “Paid via Libeo” if it is an immediate payment.

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