You can request approvals from different people before paying an invoice, whether or not that person uses Libeo.

  • Click on the “Pay” tab from the left-hand menu;

  • Select the invoice for which you wish to request approval

  • In the right-hand panel, click on the green arrow alongside “Pay now/on due date” (If you have payment rights)/ ****“Prepare immediate payment/by due date” (If you do not have payment rights) ****and select “Request approval”;

  • Enter the email address(es) of the people to contact, add a comment if needed and click on “Request approval”. This information will be visible in the activity feed of the invoice, displayed in the right-hand panel;

  • The invoice will appear with the status “In approval”;

  • The person concerned will receive an email with a gateway link granting access to all pending invoices requested for approval. These invoices can be approved or refused. It is also possible to comment or answer any question added by the person requesting approval. ⚠️ The approval will expire after 10 days

  • If the approval is refused, the status will change to “Refused approval”. Yet, if approved, the status will change to “To pay”. Be careful, as a refusal to approve an invoice does not block the process. The invoice cycle is summarised in its activity feed in the right-hand panel.


You can create automatic approval rules depending on the supplier, amount or category:

Suggest that your approvers save the link they received by email in their browser's bookmarks. They can then simply load the page to find all the invoices sent and awaiting approval, in real-time.

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