On Libeo, you can organise your invoices based on the payment method.
There are 2 existing options, either the invoice is “Paid via Libeo” or “Paid outside of Libeo”.

In order to indicate a non-Libeo payment, you have to:

  • Go to the "Pay" tab

  • Select your invoice

  • Click on the green arrow on the right of the “Pay now via your bank” button;

  • Click on “Indicate a non-Libeo payment”;

  • Enter the payment details;

  • Click on “Validate”

If an invoice is imported from Xero, it will not be possible to indicate a non-Libeo payment. In that case, you can mark the bill as paid in Xero. The payment will then be pulled and appear in Libeo.

In order to delete the note “Outside of Libeo”, you have to click on “Delete”.

Once this it’s deleted, you will be able to delete the invoice if you want to, by clicking on the bin logo.

In order to automate the process, you can create an automation rule :

  • Open the top right hand side tab with the name of your company on it

  • Click on “Automations” in the right menu

  • Choose the supplier you would like to create the rule for

  • Choose “Payment method”

  • Choose “Via Libeo” or “Outside Libeo”

Note: This doesn’t work with Xero at the moment.

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